Floor Show Inc. provides customers with only the best of the tile world, in both the style and price categories. We only dedicate showroom space to the top companies that continue to prove to keep up with what customers are looking for. Filling these spots are American Olean, BedrosiansCronin, Pental, Surface Art and Tierra Sol.

Wall tiles have come a very long way since solid color tiles, when your only options were matte or glossy and 4×4 or 6×6. Today’s cutting edge technology, makes anything possible with ceramic/porcelain tile. With realistic natural stone tile, one can have the great natural look of marble, slate or even travertine without all the maintenance. Glass mosaics can be used as accent or for an entire wall or backsplash to give your space that clean and fresh feeling.

If you think you would have a difficult time putting together your master piece of tile, rest assured that our companies make the process a little easier with coordinating products. Some companies offer a floor and wall exact match only differing in size.

Other companies provide coordinating wall and floors that may have a different texture or a different finish, but the same color. You will find throughout the tile selections that creating your masterpiece of tile, is just that…a masterpiece, your taste, your style and your design only limited by your imagination.

The Advantages of Tile

  • Durable – professionally installed ceramic tiles outperform and outlast just about every other floor covering material created for a similar application.
  • Easy care – glazed ceramic tiles resist odors, stains, and dirt, and they can be cleaned easily with a sponge or a damp mop and most ordinary household cleaners.
  • Scratch-resistant – tiles with a PEI rating over 3 are very resistant to scratches and scuff marks.
  • Resistant to fire – ceramic tiles will not burn or give off toxic fumes.
  • Water-resistant – glazed ceramic tiles will not absorb moisture, meaning that common liquid spills in the kitchen are of little concern.